Unit 4A

The Boer War

Fought by Great Britain and the two Boer republics of Transvaal and the Orange Free State from 1899 to 1902. the Boer War (or Second South African War) established British dominance over all of South Africa.  The war also caused Britain to reexamine its long-held policy of Splendid Isolation and to begin to seek allies, or "friends."  This process would culminate in the 1907 Entente Cordiale between former enemies France, Russia and Britain.

Check out the handout on the following articles: Black Week, British Technology in the Boer War, The Jameson Raid, The Rand, The Treaty of Vereeniging, The Uitlanders

Unit 5 Worksheet


1.      Why did the Boers declare war on the British Empire in 1899?

2.      What were the Boer political goals in the war?

3.      What was the Boer military strategy at the start of the war?

4.      Why did the British perform so badly in the early stages of the Boer War?

5.      Evaluate Lord Roberts’ “soft policy” toward the Boers.

6.      Why did the Boers adopt guerilla warfare?

7.      What was the British strategy to deal with Boer guerilla warfare?

8.      Why did the British adopt a limited-war strategy in the Boer War?

9.      Why did the Boer war start to become unpopular in Britain?

10.  What military technological and tactical changes occurred during the Boer War?

11.  What were the terms of the final peace settlement of the Boer War?

12.  How did the terms of the Union of South Africa reflect the original peace treaty ending the war?