Unit 5

IB Topic 5. Imperial Russia, revolutions, emergence of Soviet State 1853‑1924

This section deals with the decline of imperial power in Tsarist Russia and the emergence of the Soviet State. It requires examination and consideration of the social, economic and political factors that inaugurated and accelerated the process of decline. Attempts at domestic reform and the extent to which these hastened or hindered decline should be studied, together with the impact of war and foreign entanglements.

Russia Readings for Quizzes

These readings are a compilation of notes I made as well as small articles written by students. As such, it will have a disjointed nature as you read it. However, the information is quite good.

Reading 1 (Book notes NOT required but still recommended)
pp. 564-569,
702-712 (Skim, no book notes)

Reading 2

Reading 3