What must I do in this Class?

  1. Keep a proper notebook, Cornell-notes style.
  2. Pass all multiple-choice unit tests with 50% or greater. These are mostly in the first semester.
  3. Passing average on all essay tests. Mostly in second semester.
  4. Write an Internal Assessment (this is 25% of your IB grade). 1500-2000 words answering a research question of your choosing. Due in mid-February.
  5. Pass the Economics test in late January or early February.
  6. Pass the Yearly Final in April. This is a three-day test. Paper 1 is Document Based Question dealing with Peacekeeping/Peacemaking from 1919-1938. Paper 2 deals with 20th Century topics, with our emphasis being on Wars of the 20th Century, Single-Party States, and the Cold War. Paper 3 deals with general European history from 1850-1950.
  7. Pass the American Government test in May(essentially a US citizenship test from the 1970s with some updates)
  8. Pr0duce a journal on philosophy subjects in late May