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IB Topic 10--The Second World War and post-war Western Europe 1939‑2000

This section deals with the Second World War, post-war recovery and the effects of the Cold War in the second half of the 20th century and, in some cases the transition from authoritarian to democratic government. It requires examination of the social, political and economic issues facing states and the methods used to cope with the challenges, either within individual states or in the move towards a system of European integration, in pursuit of mutually acceptable political, economic and foreign policy goals.

• Second World War in Europe; Cold War: impact on Germany, NATO and military cooperation

Bretney Group

Cold War Impact on Germany--Collins

Cold War Military Cooperation-Dorghalli

• Post-war problems and political and economic recovery in Western Europe: devastation; debt 1945‑9

Makel Group

Herringer Group

• Establishment and consolidation of the Federal Republic of Germany to German reunification

Roach Group

Schukei Group

HL options History guide

• Moves towards political and economic integration, cooperation and enlargement post-1945: EEC, EC, EU

Braun Group

Haji Group

Swanson EEC

Spain: Franco’s regime and the transition to, and establishment of, democracy under Juan Carlos

• Case study of one Western European state between 1945 and 2000 (excluding Germany and Spain): the nature of the government; domestic policies; opposition and dissent

France--Lopez Group

Britain-Massa Group