L'Arc de TriompheFrance 1815-52



1. Who was Charles X?

2. What is the Railway Law of 1842?

3. Which year did the Restoration of France begin?
a.1814 b.1719 c.1905

4.Who is known as the July Monarch?

a.Louis Philippe b.Napoleon III c.John Lucas

5. The Regime of Louie Philippe was dominated by which people?

6. What happened in February of 1848 to bring about the Second Republic?

7.Which person won the presidency in France in November of 1848?

9.What is meant by the term restoration?

10.How many Restorations were there in France?

11.Who is known as Napoleon III?

12.What did Napoleon III portray himself as?

13.True or false: Napoleon III led France to victory in the Franco-Prussian war.

14.What year was Napoleon III's regime overthrown?

15.Which year did Napoleon III die?

16.True or False: Louis Philippe and his ministers resisted all pressures to adopt the nation's political institutions to the changing economy and society.

17.During the Second Republic, what did moderate Republicans want?

18.What did Radical Republicans seek?

19.What did the constitution of November of 1848 establish?

20.True or False: The assembly was chosen by universal suffrage.

21.How was the economy during the second empire?

22.When Charles X returned to France after the accession of Louis XVIII to the French throne, which party was Charles the head of?

23.What parts of society was Charles X a follower of?

24.What was the political structure of France in 1870?

25.Louis Napoleon restored the empire after giving France a new constitution the year before. True or False.