L'Arc de TriompheFrance 1815-52


1813 -The Battle of Dresden; French victory
-Austria, Prussia, and Russia join forces to defeat France
-Arthur Wellington drives the French entirely out of Spain in the Battle of Vittoria

-Allied forces invade France by entering through Paris
-Napoleon comes down from his throne and Louis XVII becomes King of France until 1824
-Treaty of Paris ends Napoleonic Wars

-The Hundred Days: Napoleon escapes from Elba and marches on Paris
-Battle of Waterloo: Napoleon is defeated and exiled to island of St. Helena
-The Final Act of the Congress of Vienna: Monarchies in Prussia and Austria are restored; German Confederation replaces Confederation of the Rhine; Kingdom of Netherlands formally unites Belgium and Holland.
-Russia, Prussia, and Austria set up Holy Alliance
-Second Treaty of Paris: restores Frances boundaries like that of those in 1790
-Quadruple Alliance of Britain, Austria, Russia, and Prussia to maintain Congress System.

-Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle: France joins the four Great Powers in a Quintuple Alliance

-Charles X becomes King of France until 1830
-Nicholas I, Tsar of Russia until 1855

-Decembrist rising in Russia against Tsar

-Treaty of London: Britain, Russia, and France guarantee Greek Independence

-Louis Philippe becomes new King of France until 1848
-Greece is formally declared independent
-Russia crushes Revolution in Poland
-Britain and France guarantee Belgium independence

-Reform Act in Britain extends voting to middle class

-Ferdinand I becomes Emperor of Austria until 1848

-Treaty of London: Britain, Russia, Prussia, and Austria agree to limit the expansion of Egypt

-Year of Revolutions in Europe
-Revolution in Paris: Louis Philippe comes down from his throne
-The Second Republic begins with Louis Napoleon in France
-Milan, Naples, Venice, and Rome suppressed by Revolutions within a year
-Prince Metternich resigns; Emperor Ferdinand comes down from his throne

-Great Exhibition in London

-Louis Napoleon sets up Second Empire as Napoleon III, Emperor of the French

-The Crimean War: Britain, France, and Turkey against Russia; lasted until 1856.