France Vocabulary 1848-1894

You should make yourself familiar with the following terms and topics. Not only should you know what they are,you should know why they are important.

Louis Phillipe abdicates
Second Republic
June Days
Napoleon III France restores the Pope in Rome
Coup d'etat
New Constitution
Second Empire
Napoleon and Eugenie
Crimean War
France and Sardinia make war on Austria
Mexican Adventure
Austro-Prussian War
Luxembourg Crisis
Parliamentary System in France (1869)
Suez Canal Opens
Leopold accepts Spanish Throne
Ems Dispatch
Franco Prussian War
Third Republic
French Commune
Thiers, Adolph
French Diplomatic Isolation
Britain buys up the Suez Canal
Prince Imperial killed by Zulus
Panama Canal Company
Boulanger Coup
Bismarck dismissed by Wilhelm II
Franco-Russian Entente
Franc-Russian Alliance signed
Panama Corruption Trial
Alfred Dreyfus found guilty of Espionage