Lord Salisbury

Robert Salisbury is known best for his expansion of the Britain power in Africa . He was three-time prime minister from 1885-6, 1886-92, and from 1895-1902 . He was also a four-time foreign secretary from 1878, 1885- 6, 1886-92, and from 1895-1900 .  He became the marquees of Salisbury in 1868 when his father died. During his time as India's secretary he was under Bejamin Disraeli Direction. Salisbury at one time was very suspicious of Disraeli but he soon over came that feeling . Salisbury became Prime minister in 1885 .

Salisbury was an "unenthusiastic imperialist."  Imperial headaches in Africa nearly led to war with France in 1898 over Fashoda. Salisbury famously stated, "France is, and must always remain, Britain's greatest enemy."   In 1890 he reached an agreement with Germany that would divide Eastern Africa into British and German areas of influence. From 1898 to 1902, Britain found itself at war in South Africa with the descendants of Dutch colonists known as "Boers."