Practices of WWII



Wartime Conferences of Allies

Yalta.  Yalta decided that Eastern Europe would have "free and fair elections."  Free to vote, but friendly toward Russia.  Germany and Berlin would be divided into four zones among the British, French, US and Russians.  Germany would also pay reparations for war damages.  It would also be de-Nazified after the war.

Potsdam.  The Potsdam Conference finished up the business of Germany and turned attention toward Japan.  The Potsdam Declaration reiterated the demand of Unconditional Surrender for Japan in order to deflate Japanese hopes of a Soviet brokered peace between the US/UK and Japan.  Potsdam also promised that the Soviet Union would attack Japanese troops in Manchuria in early August to ease to tie down Japanese troops there so they could not help fight off the US invasion of Japan in November 1945.

Casablanca.   The most memorable aspect is Roosevelt's announcement of an allied policy of unconditional surrender by the Axis.  It also was the first attempt to decide if Charles de Gaulle or Henri Giraud would head the French forces.  FDR very much did not like de Gaulle and FDRs disapproval was felt very keenly by de Gaulle--especially later when de Gaulle became the French leader.



United Nations/Allies.  The US (December 1941), UK, France, Russia (after June 1941), China.  Initially, Britain and France faced Germany.  After France was knocked out of the war in June 1940, Britain stood alone against Germany.  In June of 1941, Hitler invaded Russia figuring that with Russia knocked out of the war, the British would finally cut a deal and end the war.  In December 1941, the Japanese suddenly attacked Pearl Harbor which put the US in the war.  By late 1944, nearly the entire world had declared war on Germany, Italy and Japan.

Axis.  The Axis was initially made up of Germany and Italy.  Later, Japan was added to the Axis. Finally, Rumania, Hungary and Bulgaria were added to the Axis.

Axis peace feeler attempts

Unconditional Surrender




European Land War

Battle of Atlantic

Air War

Pacific Naval Warfare

Pacific Land Fighting

Submarine Warfare