Welcome to the homepage of Brett N. Silva.  I am a teacher at Pleasant Valley High School in Chico, California.  I teach courses in American History and IB History (emphasis on Europe).  The links below take you to my classes, as well as professional information, my soccer coaching and playing, and a photo tour of my trip aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln nuclear aircraft carrier on a "family cruise" with my sailor brother Jody.

IB History Page--This page links to the resources for my IB History Class. US History is the home page for my US History class.  This page has links to resources, class assignments, class handouts, etc.  To see more about my professional background you can check out my Professional Page.  I also played and coached soccer in Chico for many years.  To see more about that you can look at the Soccer Page.  Finally, in 1992 I went on a "family cruise" on board the USS Abraham Lincoln and have some photos of that trip.
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