IB Class 2011-12

Here are the links to the units for this class.

1st Semester

Unit 1 Post Napoleonic Europe (Test Aug 18)

Unit 2 Unification of Germany and Italy (IB Paper 3: Topic 2) (Test Sep15)  NEW Page

Unit 03 Western and Northern Europe 1848 to 1918 (IB Paper 3: Topic 4) (Test Sep 27) New Page

Unit 4A Boer War/
Unit 4B Scramble for Africa (IB Paper 2 topic: 20th century war, limited war /total war, conventional/unconventional war) (Test Oct 4)

Unit 05 Russia 1853-1924 (IB Paper 3: Topic 5) (Test Oct 27)  NEW PAGE

Unit 06 European Diplomacy and the First World War (IB Paper 3: Topic 6, IB Paper 1 Topic mostly covered here) (Test Nov 10) NEW Page

Unit 7 The Interwar Years (IB Paper 3: Topic 8) (Major quiz November 17)(Test Dec 1) New Page

2nd Semester

Unit 8 Second World War and Post War Western Europe 1939-2000 (IB Paper 3: Topic 10; IB Paper 2 Topic: 20th Century Wars, limited/total war, conventional/unconventional war) New Page  2014 Class Project

Unit 9--Economics Unit

Unit 10 Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (IB Paper 3: Topic 9) New Page

Unit 11. The Cold War 1944-1950 (IB Paper 2 Topic: The Cold War)

Unit 12. The Korean and Viet Nam Wars