Imperialism in Africa 1880-1914

Imperialism in AfricaBritain, France and Germany were the main Imperialist Powers in Africa during the late 1800s. All three had various reasons and varying degrees of success at the Imperial Game. This page has several articles which try to decide why the Powers got into Africa and how successful they were in the Imperial Competition.

The following papers were produced with the following instructions:

Develop a theme of Imperialism in Africa for either Britain, France, or Germany.

Each paper needed an "angle" or "spin" that interpreted events during the imperial period for the chosen country.

Becky Anderson on why it is too easy to blame the British for African Imperialism.

Scott Baldwin doesn't think the English were such bad guys either, in fact, they may have been somewhat moral.

Gary Besser thinks the English were forced into most of African Imperialism due to competition with France and Germany.

Josh Brownfield thinks it was the Suez Canal that brought Britain to Africa.

Valerie Cullen is convinced that competition with Germany and France "forced" Britain into Africa

Kristen Dietz figures that France could solve many a problem by beating the Italians to Tunisia.

Jermey Fonseca finds that French pride and the Napoleonic Myth were the driving forces for France. This article has plenty of "attitude."

Adam Letcher says that Africa was a troublesome trade route to India.

Guarav Misra says that Britain's Empire revolved around India and so did Britain's time in Arica. 

Lisanne Schuller says that Germany and Otto von Bismarck created the Scramble for Africa to stir up European trouble.