Russian History

Reign of Lenin

This page has links to articles which deal with events in Russia under the rule of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and his Bolshevik Party.

Taking Power in October of 1917 (November on the Gregorian Calendar), Lenin ushered in a brutal regime which ruled until 1992.  Noted for a grandiose rhetorical style, the Bolsheviks in reality were incredibly brutal, starting with Lenin himself.

Lenin was brilliantly successful in not only gaining power, but in managing to keep power in the face of massive opposition from all over Russia.  After defeating one group of enemies, Lenin always seemed to have another.

Finally, he died after a series of strokes (likely these were complications from an assassination attempt by a deranged woman).  This ushered in an era of great intrigue among the other members of the poliburo.  Josef Stalin outlasted and outwitted the other members of this Central Committee (Trotzky, Bukharin, Zinoviev, and Kamenev) to soon wear the mantle of successor to Lenin.

The Dirty War

New Economic Policy



Red October


Russian Civil War

The Dirty War--Crushing the Peasants


New Economic Policy

Famine 1921-23